Register as Member and get More Benefit.
Member Benefit & Step to Register

Member Benefit


  1. 5 pcs Bluray with RM20, after register as a member.
  2. Free 1 pc Bluray every month.
  3. 1-year membership.
  4. Collect point and redeem the point.



Step to Register as Member


  1. Buy the product (5 pcs RM20) first. Kindly Click Here to direct purchase.
  2. Once the order is complete, click Whatsapp button at the product. Or you can just click the Whatsapp button icon at the bottom left of the website.
  3. Contact our seller to list down which movie you want!
  4. When the seller confirm, register as our member or you can just Click Here.
  5. Once you fill up the info, you will see a page that show your account has been created.
  6. You will notified by email once your account has been actived by the store owner.